Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment Options

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At this time, it is known that hidradenitis suppurativa is caused by blockage of sweat glands, causing pus-filled bumps that are often painful and unsightly. Unfortunately the exact cause of the blockage is unknown, making hidradenitis suppurativa an incurable condition. Despite this, its symptoms may be managed by dermatologists or other physicians who are familiar with skin disorders. While milder symptoms may be eliminated by basic skin care and routine dermatological maintenance, more severe symptoms are managed only by surgery that is used to effectively eliminate the condition from the inside out.

Non-Invasive Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment Options

For those experiencing hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms of a mild nature, a hidradenitis treatment can be non-invasive, primarily in the form of medications that are taken orally, injected, or applied directly to the skin as an ointment. Such medications include:


These may be used to prevent the spread of disease, and may actually prohibit the incidence of future outbreaks. Whether in pill form or as an ointment, those experiencing mild symptoms may effectively manage their hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms with these non-invasive options.


Primarily used to treat inflammation, these steroid medications are injected or taken orally, depending upon the exact form applied.

Other medications

There are other medications which have shown great promise in treating the symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa. You may consult your dermatologist to find out more. However, some of these medications may increase the risk of infection or heart failure.


Armpit Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Groin Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Genital Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Butt Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Surgery Options

Ideally your symptoms are not severe enough to require anything more than an ointment or other medication. However, hidradenitis suppurative can take many forms and degrees of severity, sometimes requiring the patient to undergo surgery in order to handle the outbreak. In this case, the Hidradenitis Center Los Angeles is at your disposable, ready to deliver the finest, most effective hidradenitis suppurativa surgery Los Angeles has to offer. The surgical procedures for hidradenitis suppurativa treatment offered by the Hidradenitis Center Los Angeles include:

Surgical drainage

Because the lesions associated with hidradenitis suppurativa contain puss, it may be necessary to use surgery to drain the contents of such lesions. While it may be tempting to do this yourself with the use of a pin or other puncturing device, the leaking puss may cause a transmission of the condition other parts of your skin. In addition, the puss is deep-seated, creating a need for incisions made by a professional surgeon and hidradenitis suppurativa specialists.

Exposing of tunnels

A peculiar aspect of hidradenitis suppurativa is that it creates tunnels under the skin that connect the surface bumps and lesions. These tunnels serve to worsen the condition in a way that is unseen unless breached by a surgeon’s scalpel. This method, also known as de-roofing, cuts away the skin that covers any tunnels that link the separate lumps. Despite this procedure, the condition may return to the treated area or another portion of the body.

Surgical removal

The most drastic measure taken is total removal of the affected area. This hidradenitis suppurativa treatment procedure serves to clear away the entire affected area, restoring your skin to its previous, flawless appearance. In order to do this, a skin graft may be necessary to ensure the damaged area is totally covered. This is the most involved surgical procedure for hidradenitis suppurativa treatment, requiring the high level, expert surgical care.

At the Hidradenitis Center Los Angeles, we specialize in surgery to treat serious cases of hidradenitis suppurativa. Our team of surgeons and physicians are accomplished in techniques to eliminate the unwanted symptoms of this troublesome condition. Consider our center a sanctuary, where you may come to receive relief from the pain and suffering caused by hidradenitis suppurativa. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation.